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I don't even know where to begin. If you are accustomed to good quality suits and shirts, don’t waist your time. Slick website, appealing graphics and models, but don't be fooled. I ordered 2 suits and 3 shirts totaling over $700. The materials are sub-par at best, and the clothes will not fit. NEXT WARNING: THEIR TAILORS ARE NOT FROM EUROPE, THEY ARE IN CHINA (HUGE WARNING FLAG). I am not new to custom clothing. I have ordered custom suits and shirts from various vendors for over 20 years and have NEVER had to return items...UNTIL NOW!

In my opinion, their measurement system is flawed by relying on the individual purchaser, who is not a professional, to take the measurements. I warn you, if you have never taken measurements on your own for custom clothing, it's dicey at best.

The company is in Spain, BUT WHEN THE PACKAGE ARRIVED, IT CAME FROM CHINA!!!??? That says all there needs to be said.

First the shirts: I ordered 3 shirts - the material is paper thin and almost transparent, the sleeves were 2 inches too long and the barrel of the sleeves are so narrow that I couldn't even bend my arms without the forearms and biceps losing circulation. I could not reach over my head. The chest area and collar were too tight as well. I really cannot imagine any one with a body type that would fit this shirt.

The suits: I ordered 2 suits - the tail was too short exposing my buttocks and crotch area and the cut leaned forward on both suits. The sleeves were too short as well. I could not buckle the pants, the crotch area was pulling on my groin area, and the hips were bulging. I'll have to tell you, when I put on the suits, my entire family burst out laughing. It looked ridiculous. I looked like a man trying to squeeze into a suit made for a teenager.

The worst part: When you contact them to complain, you will be met with a series of form answers that look like they were loaded with an automated script software, with a few personal effects. They keep referring to their "Policies" listed somewhere on their website. Clearly the entire modus operandi is to shift responsibility to the purchaser rather than to accept responsibility or to make customers happy. This is why this company will not last. It's a "screw the customer before they can screw us first' mentality.

They asked me to return the shirts for a remake, but they will not refund the cost of shipping them back to Spain, so I had to swallow another $30 in shipping costs. After I shipped the shirts back, it took them over 3 weeks ago to order the remake, and another 3 weeks for shipping. When I finally got the remake of the shirts, I still could not bend my arms without losing circulation.

On the suits, they expect you to go to a tailor, make the alterations at your own cost, then hope they agree to pay for the alterations. My tailor could not alter the suits properly because there was not sufficient material to expand the tail, waist or hips. FYI, they did not refund my entire alterations bill, so I had to eat some of the cost myself. After alterations, the suits are still not usable, so I just donated them to Goodwill rather than eat another shipping bill.

All in all, I'm out over $700 and have nothing to show for it. My suits are going to donation and I have no shirts that fit. If I knew their tailors were in China, I would not have bothered. A huge waist of time, money, energy, and anguish. My recommendation is stay away form Tailor4less. You would be better off going to a local custom shop and paying a little extra to have something you can actually wear.

Searching around the internet, I also don’t trust the positive reviews as many of them are generated from companies from 3rd world countries like India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Please see this link: http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/jan/26/fake-reviews-plague-consumer-websites

Save yourself the headache. If you want custom clothing, I suggest you find someone local who can measure you properly and can be held accountable.

Review about: Tailor4less Suit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $735.

I didn't like: Quality of the suit, Absolutely not fitting, Very bad overall quality, Have to pay for a return.

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Hello just got 3 shirt from them and the size is to small and i did recheck my size

After a single wash the color is already changing and shrunk to...

And it is made in China notin Europe like it says....

Ido not know if i will buy again from talor4less over to my place it cost like 20$ more but you see and feel the the qulity

Client from Canada

Mont-Roig Del Camp, Tarragona, Spain #941921

Please wake up!

With those prices, what did you expect?

I found they ship from China in their FAQs so nothing you can't find.


It was a pity that I didn't search and read such reviews before I ordered 2 suits from Suitopia in Sweden. It is a similar company with their tailors in Vietnam.

Also not fit at all, and no refund.

Yes, a huge waist of time, money, energy, and anguish. Don't trust such companies!

to Anonymous #1278813

I ordered a suit from suitopia recently. Very good fit, excellent fabric, construction and customer service.

I took the suit to a tailor to get the last details perfect, and suitopia reimbursed me in full. In addition their website is supreme, and if the suit really does not fit they will do a remake.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #924880

thank you

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